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It really is quite funny.

How one second I'm in tears,
over how I don't know whether to live or die.
Then I'm making cruel cruel jokes about when I'm going to commit suicide.

I am true bitch.
An total shit.

I had a nap.
And woke up in the shittest mood.

Stressed out.
Made me spill shit.
Then depressed and angry and pissed at myself.
Then fucking alone. Because I depend on my friends and have to talk 24/7 with them.

I have wanted to die for the past, what 4 months.
Full on poof, ding, pop, boom, gone.

But it's only resently I reaslised I'm too much of a parnoid piece of crap to kill myself.
No I'd have to go out and do everything under the sun and cross my fingers and hope to die.

That reminds me of my lastest joke-

"How are you?"
"Yes, cross my fingers and hope to die."

Its funny isn't it?
The world is funny, my laugh is funny.

Haters are fucking hilarious.

Please! Stop my sides are spilting.

As for you sunshine, thank you for confusing my heart.
But even you get blocked by my hit you in the crotch, spit on your neck fantastic humour!
Note to self - you'll regret this later but atleast it got your heart out. Oh btw my No.1 hater goes toooooo......... :iconyellowtori:
Annuski Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013  Student Writer
Dying away would be giving up, no, if the world gives you lemons, take em, cause hey you can always make amazing lemonade!!!
YellowTori Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013  Student General Artist
Hum... :/
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February 8, 2013
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